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Supreme Series
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For the widest selection of styles with the most options in exterior and interior trim, choose the Supreme Series from Solarseal.
Heritage Series

Heritage Casement 4600
Our Heritage Casement windows are the perfect example of functional elegance. They offer an unobstructed view and their smooth, elegant lines blend perfectly with many architectural styles.

Heritage Awning 4600
For a clean, elegant look with maximum ventilation in any weather, the Heritage Awning window is your best bet. Boasting all of the great features of the Heritage Casement, Awning windows can be used either alone or in combination with other windows.

Heritage Double Hung 4000
Double Hungs are one of the most sought after windows for both traditional and contemporary homes. Their design allows for movement of both the top and the bottom sashes – effortlessly sliding open for controlled ventilation at various levels, or tilting inward for easy cleaning.

Heritage Single Hung 4200
In the Heritage Single Hung window, the top sash is fixed for increased weather tightness, with only the bottom sash sliding up for ventilation or tilting in for cleaning. A central security lock provides security and a weather-tight fit.

Heritage Double Slider 4100
Featuring all of the security and energy-efficient benefits of our popular Double Hung, the Double Slider provides a tough barrier between you and the weather with two sliding sashes that remove for easy cleaning.

Heritage Single Slider 4300
Our Heritage Single Slider incorporates many of the features of the Single Hung, but is designed to operate efficiently as a slider. A variety of specifications and options are outlined on window features and options. Shown with optional 4” brickmold.

Heritage Decorative
Solarseal’s Heritage Series windows come in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes to help you make a truly unique architectural statement with your home. Whether you choose white or tan vinyl construction, your palette includes Bays, Bows, Quarter-Rounds, Half-Rounds, Extended Quarter-Rounds, Extended Half-Rounds, Ellipticals, Octagons, Circles, Ovals, Camber-Tops, Triangles, Trapeziums, Trapezoids and more. : Heritage Series