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Get a whole new outlook on quality and value with Solarseal windows and doors.
Open up your indoor world with Solarseal windows and doors and get a whole new outlook on incredible quality and value in comfortable, maintenance-free living. From the small decorative window with custom grill pattern to the soaring, two-storey feature window installation, Solarseal products are a welcome distinction in any home design. Solarseal windows, entrances, and garden or patio doors are available in white or tan finish and are also available with a host of stylish and energy-saving options. Plus the windows are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Whether you’re building or renovating, browse through our website and discuss your plans with your Solarseal Dealer to make sure your home is everything it can be with Solarseal products.

With a exceptional reputation for product and service excellence, Solarseal products are made in Atlantic Canada by Extreme Windows and Entrance Systems to withstand the extremes of our coastal climate. Homeowners and contractors alike chose Solarseal for the difference in quality the name brings.


Our ENERGY STAR® windows can reduce your home heating bills by up to 12 per cent. They also help to maintain the comfort levels of your house throughout the year.

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Good for the planet.

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