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Supreme Integrated Series
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For maximum value, energy efficiency and installation savings, choose the Supreme Integrated Series which are basically Supreme Series windows (3 1/4 frame) with factory integrated brickmolds and combination drywall/wood returns. The resulting continuous frame struction is more structurally sound and secure.
Premium Integrated Series

Premium Integrated Casement 4665
The Casement is generally considered a more contemporary style but also works well in traditional architecture, whether alone or in combination with fixed units. The Premium Integrated Casement is an excellent option for clean lines, maximum view and full ventilation.

Premium Integrated Awning 4665
The Awning window is both a versatile and a practical window and one of your best options for good ventilation even when it is raining. It can be installed alone or stacked or combined with picture window fixed units to create a unique feature window.

Premium Integrated Single Hung 4256
Traditional design meets modern technology in this vastly improved version of the traditional classic. In the Premium Integrated Single Hung window the top sash is fixed for increased weather tightness, with only the bottom sash sliding up for ventilation or tilting in for cleaning.

Premium Integrated Single Slider 4356
Our Premium Single Slider incorporates many of the features of the Single Hung, but is designed to operate efficiently as a slider. Specify which sash you want operating – gently sliding open and removable for easy cleaning. : Premium Integrated Series