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Window features and options
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Solarseal features and options
Both our Heritage and Premium Integrated window series are packed with quality features and are available with a wide variety of attractive options.

  • Welded corners maintain the window’s structural integrity for a long life and ease of operation
  • Double-glazed sealed units
  • Triple weatherstripping for superior insulation against air and water infiltration
  • Multi-chambered profiles increase strength, reduce noise transmission and maximize insulation
  • Removable glazing stops for easy glass replacement from the inside
  • Screen easily removed from the inside
  • Positive drainage system in sash and frame prevents moisture build-up
  • Choice of exterior and interior moldings allows you to match your windows to your home's style
  • A variety of integrated interior grills to enhance your home
  • Standard aluminum: white, tan or brass
  • Georgian aluminum {wider, stepped profile}: white or tan
  • Low-E glass, a series of transparent layers of metallic coating bonded to the surface of the glass, keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Argon, a non-toxic gas with lower heat conductance than air, which increases the insulation value of your window
  • Innovative warm-edge technology, Thermal Edge, for energy efficiency, reduced condensation and clean, graceful lines

  1. 1 1/2" J-brickmold
  2. 1 1/2" brickmold
  3. 2 1/4"J-brickmold
  4. 2 1/4" brickmold
  5. 4" brickmold (can convert to J-type)
  6. 6 3/4" jamb extension
  7. 5 1/4" jamb extension
  8. Rosette interior cornerblock
  9. Colonial interior casing
  10. Combination 1/2" drywall / 3/4" wood return
For increased energy efficiency and UV protection, choose optional Low-E Glass with Argon Gas

A proven energy saver, Low-E reduces heat loss to the outside and allows free solar energy to pass to the inside providing additional heating and reducing cold air drafts. In summer, it saves on air conditioning costs by reducing solar transmission.

Low-E (or low emissivity) Glass, features a thin metallic coating that is virtually invisible to the naked eye, but increases the insulating value of the glass. In fact, a double-glazed window with Low-E has almost the insulating value of a triple-glazed window. Low-E Glass will also reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on your interior fabrics and finishes as well.

Argon is a completely safe, naturally inert gas that can be pumped into the air space of the double-glazed sealed thermal pane. The lower thermal conduction and convection rates of Argon, increase the window's insulating values. Use it in combination with Low-E Glass for maximum benefit. : Window features and options